INCAT has built up a strong expertise in applied chemical analysis within different research domains. We have a variety of analytical instruments, process instrumentation and dedicated engineering equipment.

Analytical instruments


Application: Accurate determination of molecular weights and sizes for a wide range of polymers

Our GPC/SEC System, can determine accurate, absolute molecular weights and sizes, and can be used to analyze a wide range of polymers, regardless of molecular weight range or solvent.


Application: Separation and quantitative determination of liquid samples with reversed phase, normal phase and anion exchange chromatography


Application: Separation and quantitative determination of volatile components with gas chromatography


Application: Separation and quantitative determination of volatile components with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry identification


Application: Quantitative determination of chromophores with wavelenghts of 190-800 nm


Application: Quantitative determination of metals and minerals with atomic absorption spectroscopy with flame and graphite furnace atomisation

Solid Phase Extraction robot

Application: High-throughput automated SPE fractionation and sample cleanup

Our automated system for positive pressure solid phase extraction (SPE) maximizes throughput by processing up to four samples in parallel. It is the ideal choice for preparative fractionation, concentration and clean-up for all kind of liquid samples

Karl Fischer Analysis

Application: Quantitative determination of the water content in liquid samples

Density meter

Application: Quantitative determination of density and concentrations of liquids


Viscosity meters: Spindle and Cone-Plate measurement

Application: Viscometer dedicated for cone-plate measurements adapted for samples in limited quantities and difficult to clean. Viscosities can be measured between –50 °C and 300°C with an unlimited number of speeds between 0.3 and 1500 rpm and a torque range of 0.05 to 30 mNm.

Process and reaction engineering instrumentation

PILODIST VLE 110 system

Application: Determination of vapor pressures of pure liquids and vapour-liquid phase equilibria of mixtures

Our PILODIST VLE 110 system operates under atmospheric, vacuum or at overpressure with a charge volume of 35 mL and temperatures of up to 250°C.

Pilot-scale gas absorber

Application: Absorption of CO2 from a gaseous feedstock at atmospheric pressure

In the pilot scale gas absorption column (height of 4 m), typically a CO2 containing gaseous stream is fed in countercurrent to the liquid phase, which absorbs the CO2. The gas flow rate and its CO2- concentration can be varied, as well as the flow rate of the absorption liquid. The latter can also be cooled. Liquid samples can be taken to investigate the absorption performance and kinetic.

Pilot-scale distillation column

Application: Distillation of a water/methanol mixture at atmospheric pressure

The pilot-scale distillation column is a 6 m high packing column. The column is explosion proof and fully controlled (flow rate of the cooling water, temperature, liquid level, pressure and reflux ratio). Thermocouples measure the temperature at different locations. At these locations, also liquid samples can be taken. These measurements allow to quantify the separation efficiency of the mixture in the column. There is also an in-house built Aspen Dynamics simulation, containing the appropriate controllers to simulate of a full-scale distillation unit.

Pilot-scale Liquid liquid extractor

Application: Extraction of acetone in butyl acetate with water (and vice versa)

In the pulsated packing column (height of 3 m), the butyl acetate/acetone mixture is the dispersed phase and water is the continuous phase. The flow rates of both phases can be varied, as well as the pulsation. The interface level (at the top) is manually controlled. Samples can be taken of each phase in the collector vessels.

Eco cat reactor

Application: High throughput reactor set up to study chemical reactions and screening of catalysts

Pilot-scale high pressure reactor

Application: High Pressure 1 L stainless steel and 3 L Hastelloy C276 reactor

The pilot-scale 3 L reactor is equipped with a catalyst basket and a diptube for sampling and is used for upscaling of (heterogeneously catalyzed) reactions.

Muffle ovens

High Temperature Tube Furnaces

Application: Carbonization of adsorbents

Bench-scale batch reactor (thermostatically controlled) and column setups (atmospheric pressure)

Orbital shakers